2016 AGM Held on 6th March

Over 20 members attended the annual AGM held on 6th March. 

As Andy Reed is re-locating to Wales, a new chairman was needed. Stuart Oldman was proposed, seconded and voted in as the new chairman. Andy was thanked for his efforts over the last year.

2015 has been another successful year with three open shoots and the club championships being held. A team Sagittarius shoot was also held. Three open shoots and the club championships are also planned for 2016. We have been asked if we could host a 3DAUK shoot in October 2016 - something that is still under consideration.

The number of members has stayed reasonably stable with about 230 "on the books". Membership records are now maintained electronically to ease administrative tasks and a new web site set up to improve communication.

The club finances remain in a healthy state and are likely to remain so as no significant expenditure is planned for 2016.