Medals for Ibex members at the Company of 60 open shoot

Our first "local" open shoot of the year was held at the Company of 60 club on 20th March. As usual there quite a few Ibex members there with a total of 5 medals coming our way.

Paul Cole picked up a silver in the gents AF with Grant Hazelton getting a bronze in the same class. Glenn Martin won a gold in the gents freestyle and the Nevilles shot well in the primitive - Andy getting a bronze in the gents and Carolyn getting a silver in the ladies.

STOP PRESS: After posting this, I've been told there were two other Ibex successes: Mike Davidson won gold in the gents unlimited and Soo Davidson won gold in the ladies unlimited. Put the fact that I left them out down to the reporter (ie. me) going senile!!

Note that Company of 60 have published the full results. To see them go to their web site by clicking the link on our "Downloads and Links" page.

Well done to all. Now for the big one next week at Ibex!!

A couple of reminders regarding out open shoot next Sunday.

Firstly, will all those not booked in to shoot please note that the courses will be closed to all except for the open shoot.

Secondly, please note that Sunday is the day after the clocks go forward so please don't be late (as was the case last year!!)